About Me

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I am part of University of Waterloo's Systems Design Engineering Class of 2024 🔧 - 92 brilliant, innovative students who inspire me to do my best everyday! 🎉
Whether it be landscape 🍃, digital manipulation 💻, or fine art 🎨, photography has always been one of my favourite methods of artistic expression! 📷
I have always loved this final panel from Calvin and Hobbes 📚 - ever since I read it as a child, I've tried to apply this same curiosity to explore myself, my work, and the world around me! 🌎
Whether it be planning a checkmate in chess ♟️, crafting the perfect deck in Dominion ⚔️, or monopolizing the sheep trade in Catan 🐑, one of my favourite ways to have fun is through board games!
I love reading! My favourite book is the poignant comedy Anxious People by Fredrik Backman.
I always try my best to excel in everything that I do!
  • Best Pitch - StarterHacks 2020 💬
  • First Place - UXperience 2020 Designathon 💻
  • First Class Honours - Grade 10 Piano Practical Exam 🎹
I absolutely love music! You can often find me jamming out on the piano 🎹, improvising on the saxophone 🎷, or performing acapella on-campus! 🎤
Hi, I'm Jayden! 👋🏽 As a product designer 📱, I strive to improve the lives of others through the skills that I have been blessed with! Thanks for checking out my portfolio! 😊
Some of my most treasured memories revolve around food! 😋 So let me know if you know any good restaurants, especially for sushi! 🍣
I believe that designers should understand the technical functionality of the products they are designing for. 💭 From C++ to C#, ReactJS to GraphQL, I am equipped to adapt and optimize my designs! ⚙️
Jayden Hsiao - Designer & Developer